This Is the Quickest Way to Become an Expert Negotiator


Be nice.

We often associate negotiation with being tough or manipulative. While there are certainly situations where that’s the case, a great deal of the recent research says we can improve our results by thinking more about making friends than waging war.

A great deal of what it takes to influence others, gain their compliance and lead successful negotiations is just good advice on how to be a decent person.

  • Be polite. Just remembering the…

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"Illallinen ja Juomat" meaning "Dinner and Drinks"

right 2 write

And this blog has to be about the food that I have been eating here in Salo, ranging from Mexican, to Indian, to traditional Finnish and the working lunches.
Since I am in the city centre there are quite a few restaurants there, but Salo being a small town, there are very limited options. Antonio Cantini seems to be a popular choice for people coming in from all over the world since its near the hotel, serves good mexican food and beers. I have had dinner twice there mainly because of lack of options. But they have pretty spicy chicken wings and I tried one of them, and I was fuming. The surprising thing was the Finnish guy with me had 4 of those 6 and I could not evern finish1. Shameful, I have to say. So we will not dwell more on the Mexican food.
Highlight of Salo…

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Top Experts Always Recommend These 4 Books


So far I’ve done interviews with 22 experts on various fields from happiness, to expertise, to influence and irrationality.

I’ve asked most of them which books they highly recommend.

Which ones got mentioned most often?

The Top Books Experts Recommend:

Books Experts Recommend – By Topic


Gautam Mukunda, professor at Harvard Business School and author of Indispensable: When Leaders Really Matter recommends:


Jeffrey Pfeffer, professor at Stanford MBA school and…

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