"Illallinen ja Juomat" meaning "Dinner and Drinks"

And this blog has to be about the food that I have been eating here in Salo, ranging from Mexican, to Indian, to traditional Finnish and the working lunches.
Since I am in the city centre there are quite a few restaurants there, but Salo being a small town, there are very limited options. Antonio Cantini seems to be a popular choice for people coming in from all over the world since its near the hotel, serves good mexican food and beers. I have had dinner twice there mainly because of lack of options. But they have pretty spicy chicken wings and I tried one of them, and I was fuming. The surprising thing was the Finnish guy with me had 4 of those 6 and I could not evern finish 1. Shameful, I have to say. So we will not dwell more on the Mexican food.
Highlight of Salo is “Seurohuone” ravintola (restaurant). The place is one of the oldest in the city and serves authentic Finnish cuisine. We started off with the starters, which was mainly, hmmmm, salmon. Raw, smoked, salted salmon. And I was not very sure whether I will be able to eat it. But, it was pretty good. The portion was huge as can be seen in the pic. And they have serve the starters individually. It was quite a task to finish it but a beer alongside made it easier than I thought. I wish if they make such salmon back in India. Anyways, salmon is part of the almost daily food diet here. The platter also had some fish eggs which was like the most difficult thing to have, but I guess managed well.

Pheasant wrapped in bacon with hash potatoes & onions

Next came the main course, and I had no space in the stomach to have it.I took the local delicacy, which is a pheasant wrapped in bacon (I guess). Bring it on, man. Good stuff, but i was already full so could not finish the thing. But pretty good. The thing is that people don’t have a bread / rice with food which is not the Indian way of eating food since we need some carbs to go in and food is kind of incomplete. So it is good but you still feel that dinner is not complete. 


And then came the best part – dessert. I am not saying it because I like ice creams but it was an awesome ice cream. Some of my colleagues went to the same next restaurant and had different starters and main course but the same ice cream. Brilliant stuff with berry sauce and lots of berries on the sides. Awesome! That made for lack of breads on the table.A good dinner, enjoyed with great red wine and a glass of beer.
And once we were finished, we went for a nightcap – which should have been a cognac, or an irish cream, but no sir – it was just more draught beer. We went to 2 pubs after seeing the “closed”: sign on many others (Most of the pubs in Salo are closed from Sun to Tues). And just ordered beer. And then yesterday, we tried another pub which was just next to our hotel but we never thought it was good. But it was pretty good fun , with karaoke night going on (a guy singing “Nothing else matters” was hilarious) and some pool and a punching bag game going on. Dinner yesterday was pretty regular with chicken casserole and lots of beers.
Although there is nothing much to do in Finland, but you can definitely enjoy your beers here. The pub scene is not as good as it is in Helsinki but its the best you have got and you gotta make the most of it.
More, later

2 thoughts on “"Illallinen ja Juomat" meaning "Dinner and Drinks"

  1. Manasi says:

    Whoa I'm impressed by the salmon eating!You sure sampling some delights.I could do with a beer right now actually but am surprised no cognac in Finland

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