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I travelled to the US 2 years back. And THAT  was an achievement (of sorts). There was always this dream of setting foot on American soil. After all we have grown watching Hollywood movies, read & heard about the great American dream. It was Mission: Possible, then. 2 weeks of excellent hospitality & a lot of fun on the West Coast. New York still waiting for me. 😉

A couple of weeks ago, I realised that I might be travelling to a new continent – South America. Ok, now this WAS another dream. But for anybody, there are realisable dreams and the unrealisable ones. South Am, or Brazil was most definitely, the latter one for me. I mean, who thinks of really travelling to Brazil as a country? Why would you do that? Beaches – we get them cheaper in SE Asia. Beautiful girls – try Europe, or even America. And believe me, the country is not cheap either. Then why the hell, to travel halfway across the world to find places which, in some sort or the other, are closer home. I, for one, would have never thought of travelling so far for a vacation.

But then, work is worship (as they say in India). And i was ready to pack my bags for this ‘business’ trip to a little known place in Brazil – in the middle of the Amazonian jungle – Manaus. It is not heard much, but the place is quite famous on the Western side of the world. Manaus has the only Harley Davidson factory outside of the US. Manaus has the only Coca Cola factory where they produce their ‘magic’ ingredient. Manaus has the famous ‘meeting of the Amazon waters’. More about these details on the blog page itself.

And after a pretty hectic and tough 2 weeks, it was time to blow off steam in RIO. It is indeed the party & fun capital of the world, I am sure.

Keep watching out the blog space for more . . .


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  1. Rahul says:

    When is the rest coming.

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